Sunday, 29 November 2009

It's the first sunday in Advent - Cycle C. Today I start my blog.

It was truly a pleasure to see the wife of the Prime Minister of Samoa at our Cathedral this morning. The Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting had many world leaders. Praise God that at least one of these leaders has someone of significance in their family who thinks it necessary to keep her sunday obligation. .. no matter what. I pray for that strength .


  1. hey i'm soooo excited about this blog. hurray to my fantastic friend in Christ,Sean. May God bless u always bro. Its great that the Samoan wife did not forget her sunday obligation despite the bustle of everything going on around her...OUR FAITH IS ALIVE. I guess we're the liberal Catholics they warned everyone about. Cherise

  2. I am happy to hear this. Samoa has a real Catholic presence. A few years ago a Samoan priest came to Trinidad to broaden his understanding of the charismatic renewal.His name is Fr Mouliou(sp?) and he shared with us some the Samoan catholic traditions which remainded me of what it was to be catholic growing up.Reading this post remainded me of him. I just want to share one of their tradition which I loved, he did this in Valencia when he was here.On Gloria Saturday night when the fire was lit and blessed we had quite a bit of dancing and singing and enjoyment of this beautiful fire.