Sunday, 28 November 2010

The drive Home

Tonight at Mass I noticed quite a bit of babies. My almost two year old noticed them too... and they noticed him. One little girl even threw herself at him and proceeded to hug him till they both fell and her father had to pull her off. I was a bit envious. That never happened to me, even when I had hopes of being a rock star playing bass in a rock band. I had a strange sense of something being different today. I could not figure it out. I realized how aware I was of all the small children. I also realized that there were few big kids. I wonder why?

I put down my feelings to the fact that it is advent and that we are preparing for Christmas in so many ways. On the drive home I pointed out a house to my family. This house was fully lit up with lots of colourful lights and Christmas (lighted) statues. It was quite impressive. "Look close" I said to my wife "and you would not see a religious item on that house". The reason is, that the house belongs to a muslim family who love the idea of gift giving and showing love, but believes that God had no son.

Mass has put me in a good mood. I pray that this mood carries throughout the week and that all the readers of this blog may be blessed today and everyday. Amen.

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