Friday, 14 January 2011

The Sincere Padre Pio Spiritual Child

My wife and I were chatting about being a spiritual Child of Padre Pio. She said that she had read somewhere that to become a spiriual child of Padre Pio you must sincerely desire it.

What is it with this word "sincere"? It means that you truly feel something. Lets think abit about the volkswagon ad where the guy saves his pennies and gets another job so that he could buy one. He sincerly wants that car, but is he overreaching? Is he obsessing? It is true that you should not let others opionions sway your heart when you want something. Sometimes you may even become obsessive.

But what if I truly want that volkswagon and I odn't know how to get it or I decide that I cannot hold two jobs to get it. Am I still sincere in my thoughts? What if I want to be Padre Pios spiritual child but do not make time for the meditative prayer that is required? Does that make me lazy or insincere?

You know the great thing about God is that even if I am lazy, He loves me. Even if I am insincere, He loves me. I am asured of His love no matter what.

However, Padre Pio is our family Saint and so we should do something to honour him... and we must make the effort, even if we are not truly sincere. Just like children, we must do by rote until we can do by understanding.

what is necessary to become a spiritual child of Padre Pio:

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