Thursday, 17 February 2011

No Mary King - NO!

A recent article in the trinidad Express newspaper made me aware that there is a Gay group in Trinidad trying to promote gay rights. It is called "Caiso" not to be mistaken for the slang version of the musical artform of Calypso called "Kaiso".

A man called Colin Robinson has asked for several things to support gays in Trinidad. They are

to prevent discrimination and violence,
for attention to homelessness,
to make schools safe for young people,
to train police.
We've repeatedly asked them to listen and consult,
and offered our help with building a nation for everyone

Now the minister for gender affairs, Dr Mary King, has decided that Trinidad and Tobago should have an open discussion and consultation on GAY MARRAIGE.

I see nothing unreasonable in what Robinson is asking for. No one should be a victim of hate. I think that the Minister went a bit too far though. Let's do away with prejudice. However, I will never support Gay marraige in Trinidad and Tobago.

Robinson even made issue with the religious leaders, who make a big deal about the Gay lifestyle but have little to say about the vulgarity of Carnival.

Mr Robinson, you are not listening. You're accusing people of not listening, but neither are you. Perhaps when you watch a religious person on TV it is a foreigner, because the local religious leaders always talk about the vulgarity of Carnival.

I love what Leela Ramdeen of the Catholic Commission for Social Justice had to say:

(The Catholic Commission for Social Justice) support CAISO's call for freedom against discrimination and violence, but noted they do not support people acting on their homosexuality and any law that will allow that.

"So in my opinion, I don't think any debate will be helpful now. The majority of people in this country believe in one faith, and most other religions will not agree to that," she said.

Ramdeen said, according to the Roman Catholic Church, a man was meant to be with a woman.

The President of the Inter-Religious Organisation, Haji Abzal Mohammed, said that he would support national debate for Homosexual Marraige. Still,even though everyone has a right to an opinion, the IRO's views will remain. (No to Gay Marriage!)

"If something like this is coming up, we will have to look at it ... but if God almighty made something unlawful, how can a human make it lawful?" he said.

Asked about the IRO's role in Carnival and claims by Robinson that religious leaders do not complain, Mohammed said "people just don't listen to them".

"Every year we send out statements about the activities surrounding Carnival, about the alcohol consumption, but people don't take us on,"

I do not know if Mary King is for or against Gay Marraige. She has called for a discussion, but as far as i am concerned, I am against it.


  1. Here's the good thing - just as you don't have to drink during Carnival, so will you not have to become gay married just because it is legalized. No one wants to make gay marriage mandatory.

    There are many things that are banned in the Bible that are legal in the laws of men - clothing of mixed fabric, eating shellfish, Jesus even condemns fig trees. God also gave man free will, allowing him to walk in sin or find a righteous path; are we to forbid man that option?

  2. Nat G,
    Freewill was meant to see if man will choose God or not. It doesn't allow man to walk in sin or righteousness. It is just a test. Also, Old Testament laws are fulfilled by Jesus, so faith in him is all that is needed for justification. For instance, you can be a person wearing mixed clothes and eating shellfish but be a Christian. Nothing can condemn man but a lack of faith in Jesus. HOMOSEXUALITY IS NOT AND WILL NEVER BE OF GOD. Freewill or no freewill

  3. piece of an article that appeared on the Trinidad guardian Newspaper of trinidad and tobago on Wednesday May 18th 2011:

    “The glass is half full but there’s a lot of opportunity. Because of this particular Government there are openings to begin to create the T&T I would like to be able to live in. There are real opportunities in the current moment,” he added. CAISO is advocating sex education in schools to equip youths to deal with life better, protect themselves against sexual abuse and understand the mechanics of sexuality. Other groups also have called for decriminalising of homosexuality. Robinson said the first step was for protection of gays from discrimination and violence which CAISO wanted Government to ensure.

    He said the group met former Gender Affairs Minister Mary King earlier this year and raised the issue of the damage which debate in Parliament in February had caused. Robinson noted that one Government Minister in the debate had shouted reminders about a Leviticus verse. He added: “That sort of thing doesn’t help. It only polarises society. That’s not the kind of climate we want to foster. “We want a reasonable environment where people can disagree on issues of principle and still afford basic civilities and human dignity and with the same rights for everyone.”