Sunday, 26 June 2011

Father Corapi resigns - what is that about

I cannot think of Father Corapi today and not think of Jack Warner. Jack Warner was brought up before an ethics committee for alleged wrongdoing and resigns from FIFA. Although he has not been found guilty of anything, there seems to be those who assume that he is guilty of something. How will father Corapi be pictured.

I must say I am disappointed with Father Corapi. Many saints in the past were silenced or prejudiced and offered it up to God with the full knowledge that God is their only judge. Father Corapi had no such patience. Several questions come up regarding the good ex-priest.

1. Why was the woman who accused Father Corapi of wrongdoing being sued by Father Corapi for Breach of Contract regarding privacy matters at Santa Cruz media?
2. Why did she have to sign such a contract in the first place? It is a religious company. Or is it?
3. What earnings from Santa Cruz Media does Father Corapi recieve?
4. As a member of a Holy Order, didn't father Corapi take a poverty vow?
5. Does the resignation mean that he does not like his vow of obedience?
6. Has the devil gotten to this man?
7. Did he resign because he was guilty of other issues.. not the issue he is publicly accused of?

Man! I could ask so many more questions. I am saddened by his choice and a bit concerned. He now wants to preach under the tagline... the Black Sheep Dog. What does that mean?

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