Thursday, 14 July 2011

New Christian newspapers in Trinidad

So I came across two new Christian newspapers at the "Tru Value" Supermarket last week. They were free.

The Eastern Times seems to be better put together.
* For me, there is alot of good reading.
* There were many bright and colourful images. Well printed, and Vibrant.
* it really does seem to be a newspaper about the eastern part of Trinidad - what goes on there and who live there and how it all impacts on the Nation.
* It seems to be a Christian Newspaper, although it doesn't say it.
* The photo of KK Bachew printed large on the front page makes me believe that the faith of the team is pentecostal or full gospel or some small christian church.
* I found nothing derogatory of any faith, chistian or non christian.
* The sales team has done well to sell advertising space... and for those interested, there is an ad for a sales representative on page 18. I wonder how much they pay?
* The main writers seem to be Carla Cupid (I wonder if that is the chick who came up with the "Heaven drink") and Kisha Marcoviche. There are one or two other contributers but these girls seems to do all the work.. and good job to you girls.

I do have some concerns about it. Maybe I couldn't find the following and they are there....but I couldn't find them.
* There is no registered address noted on the newspaper. Bad business!
* The two contact phone numbers are cell phone numbers.
* There is no notation of WHO puts out the newspaper.
* The email contact is just sharon@.... who is Sharon?
* There is no website reference like the Christian Times.
* There is no sequence number... I don't know if the magazine I got is the 1st issue or the 25th.
* Which printery printed this paper?

I believe in time these girls will get it together. If the advertising is lucrative enough they will be able to make a good living doing a great job. May God bless them in their venture.

The Christian Times released it's "Vol 1 Issue 4" for June 2011 and subtitled it "Wedding Edition". Now, bear in mind that I am not a woman and i am not gettign married so I may not be the best person to review this magazine, or maybe the edition is not a true reflection of what was put out... still.. I am going to critique it.

The Good:
* The magazine was well put together.
* There was vibrant colour.
* it is a Christian Magazine... but it does not identify it's denomination.
* There is a date and sequence number
* There is a facebook page and a website
* Page 22b has a photo that seems to be a of a married couple in front of a Catholic Church. Hopefully this reflects diversity. You know how dem pentecostals love to hate catholics.
* There is a variety of contributers... even though Shelly-Ann Lovell-Williams seems to be the major writer. Out of 12 articles, she did 4, 4 were unnamed and 4 other individuals contributed including a Pastor.

The Bad:
* It was not interesting reading for me... but that's probably because of the edition being the "Wedding Edition".
* 16 Ads can't pay for a free magazine... or can it? I think they need more advertising.
* Is Pastor Grace Philip a local Pastor? Where can I hear her preach? There should be a notation on such an esteemed person. After all she is giving Marriage advice.
* There is no registered address noted on the newspaper as in the Eastern Times... again Bad business!
* The are no phone contacts.
* There is no notation of WHO puts out the newspaper.
* Which printery printed this paper?

Good luck whoever you are.. putting out your magazine/newspaper.

I would pick up these newspapers again if I saw new editions. After all they are free!

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