Sunday, 4 March 2012

Win a trip to Rome with Archbishop Joe

Want to win a trip to Rome! And assist Catholic communications at the same time!

That possibility looms large if you buy the Catholic News in the coming weeks and fill out and return a special coupon. You may earn the right to travel to Rome as part of the Pallium Pilgrimage and be present at St Peter’s Basilica on June 29, when Archbishop Joseph Harris will receive his pallium from Pope Benedict XVI. The pilgrimage runs from June 26 to July 9.

The coupon will be published on Sunday, March 11 and the subsequent Sundays (March 18 and 25.) The cover price of the Catholic News on these Sundays will be increased to $5. From April 1, the price goes back to the normal $3.

Participants will be required to fill out the coupon and drop it into either the special box at parish churches or at the Camsel office at 31 Independence Square, Port of Spain. Deadline for entries to reach Camsel’s office is March 30, with the drawing scheduled for April 10.

The pallium is a woolen band worn on the shoulders over the vestments of a metropolitan archbishop as a sign of his jurisdiction in his ecclesiastical province.

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