Monday, 9 July 2012

A wedding with a difference

This weekend I went to a wedding. The couple seemed to be very active in their church: An open bible church. Their wedding was so different from the many that I have attended. Many of these churches don’t have ceremony that we have as Catholics. Still, the pastor gave a good sermon.

I had a problem with the church though. There were ten flags on the left (as the congregation sits) of the stage. The one up front was a Trinidad Flag. THE NATIONAL FLAG. Yet the fifth flag was the one on the highest mast (pole). THAT IS WRONG. As of July 2012 the Marabella Full Gospel Church needs to fix that fault.

After the wedding ceremony at the church the wedding party went to take photographs (as per usual), and the guests went to the reception hall. Then started what I termed “a reception of cultural events”. There was what I thought to be, a scout band playing trumpets and drums to welcome the guests. Then in the hall there was a violinist playing contemporary music. When the bride and groom came, there was a herald announcing the maid of honour, parents, etc, and all were made to stand as he announced the entry of the bride and groom.

As the evening went on, there were the usual speeches, but these were punctuated by (1) a woman singing a beautiful song, (2) a hop hop dance that was very entertaining, (3) a French dance (which was actually an African dance complete with belair outfits). And I cannot not mention The Master of ceremonies. He was a Hoot.

The wedding started at three o’clock in the evening at the church and at eight o’clock at the reception we had our dinner. A full evening of entertainment. It was such a shame that we ate and ran. We had to pick up our kids form the sitter. In so doing, we missed the couple cutting the cake and their first dance.

One thing I always enjoy at weddings is the dancing. Many people would have a lot of alcohol to drink and with all the family around and the older music played by the DJ, would be free to effect some very funky dancing. We were not served alcohol. So I am not sure that there was any to be served and the hall was so packed with tables that it did not appear that there was any dancing afterwards.

You know, in Hindu and muslim weddings in Trinidad, Alcohol is not served. In fact there is no alcohol on the premises. Still, Trinidadians like their grog, SO, if you want a drink, there are many who hang out in the street, with their car trucks open partaking of liquor. They are as ubiquitous as ants in a house full of sugar. However, I felt that the guests at that wedding were not so inclined.

Now, this was what I would call a Pentecostal wedding. And although it was different from what I am accustomed to, my wife and I still had a great time. The Bride and groom looked radiant and happy. It reminded me of the day I got married.

May God bless you in your new life Mr and Mrs Joseph.

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  1. Was fun reading the details of the wedding, it must have been a wonderful event. I’ll be attending a friend’s wedding next week. She’s a close childhood friend so I was very happy to hear about her marriage. Can’t wait to see her tie the knot with her partner at one of the amazing wedding venues.