Thursday, 8 November 2012

Ted Nugent speaks on Obama's re-election - calls people who voted for Obama Souless Fools.

So I know that Barack Obama is getting lots of congratulations from all over the world for his re-election to the White House. Even the Pope sent his. But there are those Republicans who will never send Obama congratulations, and Ted Nugent is one of them.

Now, When Oprah endorsed Obama she said that he was "the best person for the job". I did not agree then, and I do not agree now. I beleive that the best person for the job then, was Hilary Clinton, and that she would have carried on the policies of her husband Bill. I beleive Bill Clinton was the best President the USA has had over the past few decades.

In Trinidad, most people love Obama. They really don't know his policies... or even care. They love the fact that a black man has achieved the status of the most powerful man in the World. While there is alot of pride in that, there is a lot of racism in that too....

I myself would have prefered Mitt Romney win the 2012 election. I think he would do a better job than Obama. Obama has not been able to turn around the economy sufficiently. But many world economists say that that is ok. They are saying that once the US economy does not fall or rise too greatly, it would not have any serious effect on the European economies. China, Japan, India, Brazil, are the ecomies to watch.

Despite what I feel about the outcome of the elcections, I don't think I could be as rough as the Motor City Madman. I love the Nuge, even though I am not a huge fan of their music. I love the fact that he really doesn't care what he says and what others think of him saying it.  Here is what the online Inquisitor has quoted Ted Nugent as saying::
  • “Pimps whores & welfare brats & their soulless supporters have a president to destroy America”
  • “So Obama still demands the hardest workers provide for the nonworkers. Shared opportunities my ass”
  • “What subhuman varmint believes others must pay for their obesity, booze, cellphones, birthcontrol, abortions & lives”
  • “Goodluck America. You just voted for economic & spiritual suicide. Soulless fools”


  1. All Americans should do their research before they place their vote - the color of someone's skin should not make a difference, that's stupid if that is the only reason you voted for Obama. He's a liar and has ruined this country and will continue to do so. If he could go on television and apologize for the wrongs he did, that might help a little. The families of the poor men who were killed in Bengazhi should be apologized in person. Turn this country around before you are impeached!

    1. I'm guessing you are Republican.

  2. To unknown: yes I agree one should do one's research. And people did. I am not condoning what happened in Bengazhi at all although we don't know the exact facts.

    Research how many US embassies were attacked under George W Bush and how many American personnel were killed in various parts of the world, to say nothing of the US, UK and allied service men and woman who lost their lives in an unnecessary war which had nothing to to with weapons of mass destruction at all.

    The Republicans did exactly to Obama in his first term, what they did to Clinton in his first term of office. Things will not change in the US until the Republicans stop blocking Obama because the reality is that they don't actually disagree with his policies. We knew that before Mitt Romney said so in the 3rd debate!

    Add to that that the Republican party has to change if it wants to win the net election. It has to rid itself of the racists, the anti women groups and old, white men who say stupid things in election campaigns which in these cases did not help Romney's case. They are out of touch with reality. The world not just
    the USA is changing and those in power have to recognize that.

    As far as Obama being a liar is concerned - that may well be so - all politicians bend the truth - fact of life. But Romney really told the whoppers - I'm surprised he didn't have a long nose by election night! imagine, the CEOs of Chrysler and GM had to write to their staff telling them that Romney lied when he said that under Obama the jobs were going to be farmed out to China! Had Romney won, Romney would have farmed them out to China.

    Did you know that Bain capital moved USD80,000 through Holland. the Dutch government is going after Romney and Bain because taxes were not paid. That's honest? I think not. Romney did not want to release his tax returns because he did not donate as much to the Mormon church as he should have done - 10% of his income. If you lie to your church, you're going to lie to your country.

    1. has shown that both Ad Campaigns were rampant with lies. One was the job creation ad of Obama. He increased the National debt by 50%. He was not a good President for the American Economy. If I were American I would have voted for Romney without a doubt. As a Catholic, I cannot believe that he would implement a medical plan that would force Catholics to act against their faith. He continues to support abortion funding, not just in the US, but throughout the world... and used negative propaganda and lies to make it look as if the Republican were against womens rights. Abortion is not Womens rights. That is a better argument for contraception. Abortion is murder. And of course there is the regularization of homosexuality marraige and adoptions.