Saturday, 15 December 2012

Catholics raise their voices against Jamaican government bad spending

Should Catholics get involved in politics? YES YES YES !

We must seek the protection of the poor against injustice. And so the RC Social Justice Commission in Jamaica had something to say about the Jamaica government spending. 

The current rate of exchange between the US and Jamaica Dollar is one US Dollar is worth $92.18 Jamaican Dollars. Jamaica isn't doing so well yet the country wants to spend big money on politician vehicles. .....NO NO NO!  

Here is an article from the Jamiaca Observer:
KINGSTON, Jamaica — Members of the Roman Catholic Social Justice Commission today knocked the government for spending some $60 million on the purchase of high-end vehicles for its ministers.
“We believe that this decision is imprudent at the time, given the countries socio-economic position, and especially when the government is asking everyone else to make sacrifices,” the Roman Catholics said in a release today.

“The government cannot have one set of rules for the mass and a separate rule for itself. The issue is both a matter of insensitivity towards the majority of the people, and also a question of social injustice,” it added.  
The Catholics argued that there was currently a programme of tight fiscal management in order to reduce the national debt, a lingering global recession, along with other pressing social needs in the area of education, health and the care of the nation’s children.

Against this background they said that “government must formulate a policy which allows its officers to effectively carry out their responsibilities to the public while also behaving in such a manner that they are able to identify with the economic reality of the Jamaican people.  There must be no impression of fiscal insensitivity to the reality of the public as against government use of public funds”. 

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