Saturday, 23 February 2013

My mothers bed

When my mother was alive, I would go to her house and chat with her a while. Then I would head off to her room, lie on her bed and proceed to fall asleep. This was a situation that all my siblings found themselves in. Mummy's bed was the comfort, serenity and peace away from their lives. A place that we could feel relaxed enough to fall asleep in the middle of the day.

When you think about it, it is only natural that we all gravitate to mummy's bed. My kids do so now. When they are scared, sick, tired, upset, angry, frustrated or just looking for a hug, my wife and I are sought out (my wife is sought first.. I am the plan B). At night our bed is the comfort zone for bad dreams... or the bigger ones will prefer to rally out the flu in our bed rather than theirs (and that's not good for us).

Even my 50 year old brother would find himself on mummy's bed when he would come by for a visit. 

My mother has passed on now, and I have that bed. My brother still seeks it out, but it is not the same for him now. Even for me, it is not the same. My daughter sleeps in the bed. It offers no comfort or tranquility.

The trick of mummy's bed wasn't the was that we were coming home.

We were children again... not a care in the world.

Today, Jesus is saying.... you are my child. Don't worry about anything. Just ask and it will be given.

Praise God for that.

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