Monday, 8 April 2013

Facebook and Caribbean Catholic

So I am no longer on facebook. I took a break from it for lent, but I had no intentions to return. I deleted all my photos. Erased my status, and Biography. and let it all go.

While I was on facebook, I found time every day to sign in. Eventually I reduced my friends as they started posting status' of hate against Catholics etc. My Sister in law posted something about homosexuality, which I responded with one word - NO! She called my wife from Toronto to ask her to ask me not to post negative things on her facebook page. I am sorry, I am entitled to a view, as you are. Too often we see someone post something negative and that nonsense is shared again and again.

Sorry! I can't be a part of that anymore. Sure Facebook has a good side, but I don't see it.

So Goodbye facebook

Signed - The Caribbean Catholic.

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