Saturday, 18 May 2013

English as a foreign language in Trinidad! - What?

So the education ministry of the government is thinking about teaching English as a foreign language in Trinidad. I think that there is something wrong with this whole premise.

Firstly, This country is an english speaking country. What we need to do is educate our teachers to NOT SPEAK SLANG.

I think it is relevant to note that Trinidadians travel alot... we go all over the earth. When there are television interviews in the local news, many of the interviewees speak english quite well.

Gone are the days of the french influence in our language. No longer do we say "Yes! Oui!" or even the spanish influence when someone would say globs instead of gloves. (in spanish the v sounds like a b).

What we really need to do is get the Prime Minister and ministers to properly pronounce the name of the body that rules the country .... My dear Kamla it is not a "CYABINET"

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