Saturday, 6 July 2013

PNM on abortion and gay rights

On friday morning (july 5th 2013) I was listening to talk radio 102 FM. Keith Rowley was on and the hosts were attacking him at every turn. For those who don't know, Keith Rowley is the Political leader of the People National Movement (PNM). A political party that brought us out of colonialism to independence in 1962. The party is not in power now, and instead holds the position as the Opposition in the parliament..

One announcer who I thought sounded gay (and I could be wrong)  made a statement in which he said that of the forty two members of parliament, he does not know the position of any them on many burning issues. To that end he asked Mr Rowley his position on Gay rights and Abortion.

Now, I am paraphrasing here as I cannot remember word for word what Dr Rowley said, however it went like this:

ABORTION - He discussed this issue first. He said that he believes in womens rights to their bodies. He believes that in places where there are no legal options for abortion that "backyard" botched abortions can lead to death to some women. He supports it.

GAY RIGHTS - Dr Rowley then identified himself as having grown up in the Methodist and then Seven Day Adventist churches, both of which followed the Bibles teachings on Homosexuality. He said his personal feelings on the issue are consistent with the teachings of the faith  on it. He then said that he would not prejudice someone because of their sexual orientation.

In 2012, the PNM had no official policy on Gay rights or same sex marriage. I don't know if they still have no policy, but at least we know what their leader thinks.

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