Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Adventures of a Mayaro Vacation

We spent a few days in Mayaro, and what a wonderful vacation it was. We got down early on Sunday morning.,,, but not too early. I thought we would join the Mayaro RC church for Palm Sunday Mass however that church has mass at 6:30am, so we did Saturday evening at a church closer to our home.

I woke up the family on Monday morning at 5:30am to join me for a walk on the beach and the viewing of the sunrise. God is heralding a new day filled with opportunity and hope. Unfortunately, no one shared my excitement. Sigh! I did my sunrise walk by myself the next morning with my trusted friends: Jesus and Coffee.

We went to seek out the bio luminous algae in the Ortoire river one night and was greeted by a huge crowd also looking for the same phenomenon. We heard all sorts of reasons why it was not visible that night: The tide needs to be high (even though the spot is miles up the river); The night has to be dark (new moon); The sun has to be hot that day; There should be no rain to wash down the algae.

Despite it all, there were boatmen who were willing to carry us up river to see the mystical lights - for a fee. We took the ride and the guys in the boat dove into the water and we were able to see the glowing water - Nothing like the pictures shown in the Trinidad Express newpaper photographed by Richard Charan  (shown on this page), but special nonetheless. Thank you Mr Belcon for your kind assistance.

Thank you Father in Heaven, for the joy of those days.


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