Thursday, 11 December 2014

back in the saddle - about this "all dogs go to heaven" talk from the Pope

Well, perhaps it's God's will. For quite a few months I have been unable to access my blog. I am happy to say I can once more do so and I am going to blog again. So look out for me.

Now some time ago I wondered about the difference between souls and spirit. I found out that catholic teaching on the subject is that God IS spirit and that we are spirit. We contain a soul, which is the spark that animates us in our bodies. So that we are body soul and spirit.

I have also been taught that animals have a soul that animates them. they have bodies that rot when the soul leaves and that they do not have a spirit. What is this about the Pope saying that animals go to heaven. Isn't that counter to the teachings of the church? Are we then to assume that if animals go to heaven that they go to hell too. And what about plants, insects, fish and other creatures?

Alas! Who knows anymore? Sigh!

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