Sunday, 20 June 2010

Exorcism, the Church Militant and Our ladyof Lourdes Toronto

Pro-life leader Fr. Thomas Euteneuer has written a new book called "Exorcism and the church Militant". In a recent interview he discussed the book and the often misunderstood topic of exorcism, asserting that "due to an increased exposure of young people to the occult, priests within the next decade are going to be “inundated” with exorcism requests."

“One of the purposes of the book,” he noted, “was to take back the proper understanding of exorcism by placing it squarely in the context of the Church's pastoral ministry.”

In reading this I am taken back to my visit to Toronto in 2008. The Pope had announced that every Archdiocese throughout the world must have an official exorcist. It was a matter discussed on national TV. There were those for and against the issue even within the church. Psychologists had their say. It was a big thing. In Trinidad, such an issue was under the radar. I don't know that it was ever discussed in any public forum.

What got me upset was that I went to Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in the Village in Toronto with the family. We had to pass through the village - they had a street sex clothe and equipment fair that day. And Yes, that got me upset, but what really bothered me upset was the Priest at our lady of Lourdes. The reading for that week was Matthew 15:21-28:

Then Jesus answered her, 'Woman, great is your faith! Let it be done for you as you wish.' And her daughter was healed instantly.

The Homily was about exorcism and even in all the talk about exorcism the priest spoke about exorcism as addictions... not spiritual. How can you direct someone to heaven, a spiritual place, and not guide people in spiritual matters. When Jesus exorcised several people. Fr. Euteneuer underscored Exorcism in Jesus' Ministry, “He healed the sick, He preached the Gospel and He cast out demons. He continues to do those works in and through the Church and that it what he handed on to the Church to do.”


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