Sunday, 6 June 2010

out of sorts

Well I have been out of sorts for a while... and now I have the cold. But I am back now.

In the news the Catholic League (of the USA) have been petitioning for the Empire State Building to be lit up blue and white in honour of Mother Teresa of Calcuta. Is this a fight we need to engage man? I don't think so.

The news that grabbed me though is the woman who came back to life 10 minutes after they took off her life support. Here is the Paul Thompson article from "Mail Online">

A mother of two has stunned doctors by apparently coming back from the dead.

Velma Thomas's heart stopped beating three times and she was clinically brain dead for 17 hours. Her son had left the hospital to make funeral arrangements, having been told she would not survive.

But ten minutes after her life support system was shut down and doctors were preparing to take her organs for donation, the 59-year-old woke up.

Heart specialist Kevin Eggleston said: 'There are things that as physicians and nurses we can't always explain. I think this is one of those cases.'

He said Mrs Thomas had no pulse, no heartbeat or brain activity after her admission to hospital. She had been found unconscious after suffering a heart attack at her home in West Virginia.

While at the Charleston Area Medical Centre she suffered two further heart attacks and was placed on a life support system.

About 25 family members and friends gathered inside the hospital waiting room. 'We just prayed and prayed and prayed,' said her son Tim, 36. 'And I came to the conclusion she wasn't going to make it.

'I was given confirmation from God to take her off the ventilator and my pastor said the same thing. I felt a sense of peace that I made the right decision. Her skin had already started hardening, her hands and toes were curling up. There was no life there.'

He said after he left the hospital he was called and told she had shown signs of life.

By the time he got to her hospital room, Mrs Thomas was alert and talking. 'She had already asked, "Where's my son?",' he said.

Dr Eggleston added: 'It's a miracle.'

Some people think it may be medical staff screwing up. Soem think they were trying to get the organs. Some think that further tests may show brain damage for the brain being without oxygen for 17 hours.... Some like me, who believe in God, and know that miracles exist, believe that it is indeed a miracle.

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