Sunday, 11 July 2010


The Holy See spent 321 Million dollars last year, and had a deficit of 5.2 million. The talk is how wealthy the church is. Well we have lots of land, but we have no money. Besides the property belongs to the people who make up the church. Just a note of Comparison Benny Hinn take in over 200 million a year.

The Holy See's statement explained that the "negative fluctuations" which had been "suspended" in 2008 were "absorbed" this year. Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi told journalists that these "fluctuations" amounted to between eight and ten million Euro ($10.1-12.6 million).

Expenses largely result from the activities of Vatican dicasteries and other bodies, including Vatican Radio, that "participate in the pastoral care of the Pontiff of the Universal Church."

The Vatican has accounts separate and apart from the Holy See. Experienced a deficit of 9.8 million. Less than half of what was experienced last year.

Among the most notable costs during 2009 were those for a study carried out for a new communications infrastructure, improvements to the Vatican Museums, the care of Vatican patrimony which includes all of the Papal basilicas, security within the Vatican and restructuring of the Vatican Apostolic Library.

The three major sources of income for 2009 were contributions from Peter's Pence of $81.5 million, from the Catholic dioceses of the world of $31.5 million and from other institutions including the Vatican's Institute for Works of Religion (IOR) which donated $63.2 million.

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