Saturday, 2 October 2010

Know the Mustard Seed

My atheist friend often tells me that he does not operate in the realm of “belief”. He operates in the realm of “know”. Anyone coming to him to discuss meta-physics must walk with proven facts. He would not accept anything unless it could be proven and once he accepts it, he now knows this to be “fact”.

I have seen all sorts of documentaries proving and then disproving many phenomena. Scientist look for reasons. Sometimes they find something, sometimes they say it is out of the realms of modern science: that is to say that with the current knowledge of science it cannot be proven.

With all this proving and disproving sometimes we are not sure what to believe. I am reminded of the French philosopher Descartes who says that all the senses can be fooled, so how do we know that we are in fact alive, or even human? The answer he came up with is “I think, therefore I am.”

In today’s Gospel, Jesus is saying, don’t just think, don’t just believe, know. Have faith. Know your God wants what is good for you. Know that you are blessed and highly favoured. Know that all is possible with the power of the Holy Spirit. Know that even plants will obey the instruction they are given. Know. Know. Know.

Isn’t it incredible that an atheist can know, and be wrong because he lacks the truth, and many of us who have that truth do not “Know” it.

Lord, send your spirit upon us that we may never lack faith.

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