Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Earthquake Prophecy for trinidad.... the Sequal!

On February 26th I published a post entitled "Earthquake Prophecy for Trinidad... sigh!" I was truly tickled by this prophecy because I keep hearing from the UWI people and others that we must prepare for the big one. Now, I am not saying that we may not have a big earthquake, but to me it all seems so alarmist. Put it into context of the end of the world which is planned by other alarmists for December 2012 and I am thinking my future is pretty much doomed.

Fear not all: Jesus died and Rose. And by His rising He conquered death.. and by His assumption into heaven, He conquered life. He has prepared a home for us in Heaven. If we are ready.

Anyhoo, about the prophet. Well, his number one follower (I think it is his wife or himself)who goes by the name "Christian" and who did not leave a return address (of course he wouldn't)left a note on my blog. Apparently, the "prophet" is not finished. According to the individual the "prophet" did NOT give a date for the earthquake (of course he did not), and 2011 is still young, so the prediction is still in effect (of course it is) Maybe at the end of 2011 he may say he never gave a year:

The PROPHECY given by Dr. Leslie Rogers did NOT have any date attached to it. The one from Benny Hinn I cannot speak about because I have no information on it but as God is my witness, Dr. Leslie Rogers NEVER gave any date about any earthquake. With reference to the comments on his personal life ask him and discuss it with him if you want to know so badly. And FYI, if you do happen to know about some fault in a man or woman of God it has automatically become your duty to PRAY for them NOT use the opportunity to bash them because they are still a man or woman of God and are still a soul that is in dire need of salvation. If you are indeed a CHRISTIAN you would make it your duty to pray for the person so that their soul and the souls of those that they are responsible for will not perish. Stop bringing the church of God into disrepute. No wonder the world is so full of SINNERS. What would Jesus Christ do in this situation?

I wish to thank the submitter of the above note and wish to point out a few things:

1. I have no wish to question your Doctor friend.
2. I quoted a person who seems to know him.
3. Since you know the gentleman, why not verify, clarify or debunk the accusations.
4. I am indeed a Christian as you are. Heaven is not mine to give or take.
5. I pray for my salvation and that of the whole world (that includes you: "For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world."
6. I notice that you judged me. Did you pray for me? I hope so.
7. So what in your mind would Jesus do in this situation?
8. In my mind I keep thinking of several things:
(a) Chase him away "And then will I profess unto them,I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity."(Mat7:23) OR
(b) Forgive you me and him (if there is repentance and sorrow) "Then neither do I condemn you, Go now and leave your life of sin.” (John 8:11)

My God is a God of Love and Mercy. My faith teaches this. You should learn what the Catholic Church teaches. If you are willing, send me another post with your email address and I will be sure to answer any questions that you have.

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  1. *grin* Nice that you should write that. I admit I was guilty reading an adventist magazine about 2012.....*ducks sheepishly* Glad to have met you at Cathedral this evening....send me your e-mail at have a lovely prayer to send you