Sunday, 22 January 2012

bugs bunny: the new format

I sat and watched the new Bugs Bunny show the other day. Actually it's called the Looney Tunes show. It's not slapstick comedy. It's situation comedy. Enjoyable to all demographics, including adults. Bugs isn't being chased by Porky or Yosemite Sam. Neither is Daffy Duck. Bugs and Daffy share a house. Bugs got his money from inventing the carrot peeler. Daffy is obnoxious. He always was. That has not changed. Bugs seems somewhat sophisticated. Go figure!

Did you know that bugs and daffy first came to life in the short films of "Porky's Duck Hunt" (1937) and "Porky's Hare Hunt" (1938) They have been around for 75 years. Wow!

Did you know that Bugs (well the show) won an Academy Award for "Knighty Knight Bugs" (1958)- best animated short film. There were two previous nominations: A Wild Hare (1940); Hiawatha's Rabbit Hunt (1941).

I cannot discuss Bugs without discussing his voice, or that of Mel Blanc. A jew who changed his name from Blank to Blanc, he voiced over 1000 cartoon characters. He did bugs, porkey, Pepe le Pew, foghorn Leghorn, Yosemite Sam, Captain caveman, TWeety, Woody Woodpecker, Barney Ruble, Mr Spacely (the Jetsons), Heathcliff,... and the list goes on. These days bugs' voice is done by someone else. But you don't notice the difference.

I like the Looney Tunes Bugs, and the Looney Tunes Show. It is good family viewing.

I will end with the note that's on Mel Blanc's gravestone, and a favourite line of bugs....

"That's all folks"

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