Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Catholic Church issues statement to Trini Carnival Revelers: Don't fall prey to moral relatism

The Catholic Commission for Social Justice (CCSJ) urges citizens and visitors to exercise self-control and modesty in their dress over the Carnival season. The CCSJ said a sense of decorum seemed to “fly through the window” at Carnival. In a statement, chair of the group Leela Ramdeen said:

“There seems to be no shame or embarrassment by those who are improperly dressed or who engage in lewd dancing. “Those who fall prey to moral relativism believe that anything goes nowadays.”

She said adults must model modesty so that young people will be inspired to follow their lead. She said some values were being eroded and it was time to stem the tide of irresponsible behaviour. Her statement added that citizens should demonstrate dignity as the country celebrates its 50th Independence anniversary in August. Ramdeen Said:

“Our forebears worked long and hard to build this country. “They passed the baton to us so that we will continue the important work of nation building

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