Monday, 9 April 2012

Newest Catholic Radio Station in the Caribbean - Dominica

this story is from Dominica News Online (thursday 5th April - Author unlisted):

“Dominica Catholic Radio” is now just months away from officially hitting the airwaves.

The new catholic radio station owned by the diocese of Roseau represents the revival of efforts by Dominica’s catholic community to promote evangelization through radio.

It has been running test signals since November 25, 2011 and can be heard live on its website

Director of the Pastoral Centre, Monsignor William John Lewis has been telling Dominica News Online that the Church sees the station as another avenue to make God’s word known to the populace and address the needs of society.

According to Father John Lewis, “the station is going to focus directly on what Catholicism is all about in terms of its foundation and mission.”

He says in addition, programmes which directly influence and respond to the needs of society will also be broadcast, including medical issues, legal aid and family issues.

Service organisations with a keen interest in community service will also be a feature on the station.

The station’s predecessor – Pointe Michel-based Voice of the Islands Radio (VOI) failed, the monsignor admitted because of “financial issues.”

He is optimistic that the new station will avoid those pitfalls.

He highlighted approaches for “Our Catholic Community” that are intended to help the new station survive.

These include limiting its employment to a small cadre of paid staff, sponsorship and programmes run by volunteers.

According to Monsignor John Lewis, the success of the station would depend on the sponsorship of its listeners.

VOI had also to a large extent depended on that kind of sponsorship.

The new broadcasting entity’s current challenges include finding an overall manager and organizing equipment.

It already boasts of having a board of directors, a management team, and an advisory board.

Click link below to visit the website of the new radio station

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