Saturday, 7 April 2012

Planning to Leave the Catholic Church

So I read this article about a Researcher who says "survey on why Catholics left church provides insight" and I remembered my own trial of faith.

Years ago I was going out with an Anglican girl who was not strong in her faith but still held on to it. I decided that I needed to know the difference between these two faiths and what issues we could agree on. The more I read the more i wanted to know. And so I read up on other faiths: Christian and non Christian. I got into occult literature and freemason literature. One day I discovered that I truly believed that Jesus went to Egypt and studied to be a magi. While I kept my belief, and prayed to, God the Father, I was ready to leave the Church.

I went to the Cathedral for my farewell Mass... disecting every word coming out from the Priests mouth. I can't remember which Eucharistic prayer was used but I remember the words "FATHER we offer you this...THROUGH your son JESUS... WITH the HOLY SPIRIT... And we Ask the Angels and saints to Prayer for us..." and somewhere there we said the Hail Mary.

It was along way back but at that point I realized that the core of the teachings of the church was right and truth and that many people either did not know or were not interested in finding out the truth.... and so I read and read and read on the Catholic Church. And while today I don't necessarily agree with everything, I accept that obedience is important. You must sacrifice to show love and if the church says that you must were orange on a thursday (the church does not say this) I will wear orange on a thursday to show GOD - not church - that I am willing to do this for HIM.

That was my story. But I began to think of other people who might decide they want to leave the Catholic Church.... well there a websites that encourage people to leave, but I could not find one that offers support to prospective exiters when I googled the words " planning to leave the Catholic Church".

So if you are planning to leave the Catholic Church think about it. Contact me. Leave a message. I will get back to you very soon. Sometimes we get confused or angry. Sometimes we hear alot of anti Catholic Propaganda, So much propaganda that we start to beleive that the Church is not Good. Well, you know what, it has stood for 2000 years despite many issues and still the gates of hell has not prevailed against it.

God Bless you beloved. Write.

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