Monday, 21 May 2012

Missionaries of the Poor founder Father Ho Lung in Trinidad

Yesterday I saw a future saint.

My 3 year old (#4) has the flu. So my wife and I spilt up for Mass. She did an early morning in St Anthony’s with children #1 &3 and I did a late evening at Saint Finbar’s with child #2. Still, we both encountered father Ho Lung of the Missionaries of the Poor. Yes he was in both places. He is visiting Trinidad. Next weekend there will be several performances of his Reggae Opera “Isiah”

Now Trinidad is not a stranger to famous people. Just two years ago we had a multitude of political leaders when the “Summit of the Americas” and the “Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting” both took place in Trinidad. While Queen Elizabeths visit was low key, it was a big deal for many that Barack Obama was here. I was impressed by someone who was not a part of any meeting but who came to get international support for his World Eco agenda: The former French President Sarkozy.

We have had rock stars an actors, hip hop artists and great athletes. I have been impressed with only a few over the years and wish that I was of age when they came to visit: Haile Salasie and John Paul II.

But let us get back to Father Ho Lung. He told us many stories of great faith and love. But what I loved the most was his offer: “Buy a plane ticket and come to Jamaica.” He Said “When you get there, we will have people pick you up and we will give you a place to stay and meals to eat. Free!” Well, the freeness comes with a catch, “We need people to help serve the poor.” If you have never been offered such a great gift, here it is: An opportunity to do what Christ instructed us to do – Feed His lambs.

He says that in his 31 years in this ministry they have over five hundred and fifty brothers and many sisters in nine missions throughout the world. His ministry is blessed. He is blessed too. He says he has been invited now to open a mission in China.

If you are interested in what father Ho Lung is about and you haven’t seen his programme on EWTN you can check out his website:

The website states:

We welcome lay volunteers to come and join us in our work and welcome all to join our spirituality and prayer life. Our mission is to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ primarily by works of mercy and secondarily through liturgy, preaching, music, teaching and sacraments.

There are many ways you can participate in the ministry of the Missionaries of the Poor. Many men and women visit our missions and work alongside our Brothers in daily care for the poor. Others help organize events and contribute their professional knowledge and expertise.

This is what being Catholic is about. God bless you Father.

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