Sunday, 13 May 2012

So I watched "the Rite"

Well, I saw the movie "The Rite" yesterday. My wife watched it with me. It was showing on cable in the day. If it wasn't for the daylight she would not have even passed near the TV. The movie dealt with exorcisms.

My brother used to be part of a Catholic pray group that prayed for the priest as he was doing battle. It was he who brought home a book by a pentecostal pastor on exorcisms. A very comical look of events that took place during exorcisms. The most difficult thing he said was getting the demon to say his name. Once that was done it was easy getting him out. Then, the trick was to keep him from returning with his friends.

I wish I could remember the name of the book. In one chapter the author dealt with good spirit possessions. Those spirits were not exorcised.

It was in this light that I saw an ad in Faith and Family Magazine for a book called "Interview with an Exorcist". It was written by a Catholic Priest. I ordered it. It was an interesting book but not at all entertaining. It was very theological. I wonder who has my copy now?

So, I watched the "Rite". I enjoyed it. Jesus won in the end. An important lesson to know.

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