Thursday, 7 June 2012

Corpus Christi -Trinidad Images 2012

Thousands celebrated Mass with the Archbishop and Nuncio:

After Mass we set out in our groups. Below the Canopy carriers await the Eucharist and the flower girls who would drop petals along the road before the Eucharist in Canopy:

Several Groups posed so that I took Photos of their banners. Below is the Banner for the Legion of Mary:

Here is a group from the beautiful church of St Theresa's in Barataria.

A Beautiful Banner for the Assumption Parish.

And so the Procession Began. I was at the Head and regret not taking photos of the Canopy as it arrived for Benediction (it was in the back). However, I did not go to take photos. I went to give God praise in the Eucharist. Here is the Cross bearer:

Another wonderful thing at the head of the procession was the Flag Bearer. While there were individuals who carried the Vatican Flag and the Trinidad and Tobago Flag, this guy carried both National Flags.

Holy Name Convent and Fatima College raised their flags high:

Again the house flags of Fatima College:


  1. If you may, can I have an image copy of the banner? the copy we have at church is not as clear as that of the one printed in tarpaulin. Thanks For Your Response. God bless!