Thursday, 21 June 2012

Is Bridget Brereton a Catholic Hater?

In the June 21st 2012 Trinidad Express there is an articel by Bridget Brereton entitled "Endless Holidays". Ms Brereton in an ex professor of caribbean history at the University of the West Indies. Her article has me angry.

Ms Brereton has put forward the opinion previously, and has argued specifically, that the Corpus Christi Holiday should be done away with. In the article of June
21st, she again notes that we should do away with the Corpus Christi Holiday. WHY Ms Brereton? WHY Corpus Christi?

From my viewpoint I cannot help but think of you as a Catholic Hater.

Surely we could do away with Easter Monday. Surely we can do away with Boxing day. Why would you choose Corpus Christi? Perhaps you are afraid to identify those days. Maybe you think that Trinis may never accept giving up those days, after all, we NEED long weekends. Maybe you are afraid the population may deem you mad.

Surely you should realise that Corpus Christi is the ONLY Specifically CATHOLIC holiday in Trinidad. While Easter and Christmas are Christian Holidays, there are many other Christian denominations that celebrate those days... including the Shouter Baptists.

If we (Catholics), who number more than Shouter Baptists should have to do away with Corpus Christi, then Shouter baptist Liberation day should be done away with. I understand that it is not a religious day for them however, I am discussing numbers.

You yourself noted that Whit Monday was previously done away with. As a historian you should know that the former Catholic Archbishop Anthony Pantin agreed to give up the day after much debate and issue among the church.

You remind me of the English Historian Edward Gibbon. His difinitive work on the Roman Empire is accepted as a great work however, his hate for organised religion and specifically the (early) Catholic Church leaves a hole in his credibility to tell the tale without passion or prejudice... as a true historian should.

I hope one day to meet you, so that you could dispell my thought on you. Until then, I will pray that you are not a hater, and that if you are, that age will bring you reason.

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