Sunday, 16 September 2012

The Innocence of Muslims - a youtube movie to denounce

Today I read that Google would not be taking down the youtube video "The Innocence of Muslims". I hadn't seen it, so I had a view. What I saw was a movie edited down to almost 14 minutes. While it did not offend me, I could see why it would offend muslims. If a movie had been made of Jesus Christ in the same manner, I would be offended as a Christian.

I think it is sad that Google would not take down the movie. It is true that islam was spread by the sword, but so was Christianity (to some extent) in the Americas. I am not a muslim sympathizer, but I do believe that to purposely mock and hurt someone is a bad thing - No matter who you are.

Islam spread as far as it could. The Jungles of africa stopped it's spread south. The forests of India (east) and in the north the Europeans (christian Europeans). For many decades the Europeans and the Turks pushed at each other (we just happened to have different faiths). Richard the Lion Hearted and his contemporaries had great respect for Salahudin the great. And they should have. He was indeed a great king (perhaps because he was a muslim).

I am against hate. Stop the hate, be you muslim, Christian or otherwise. Stop it.

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