Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The letter

My mom passed in December last year. In July this year we get a letter adressed to the "Leid Family" A very nice lady sent us a letter, offering her sympathy and encouraging us to attend her church where others could pray with me and my family at the passing of our loved one. Her church is the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

I had heard that they looked in the newspaper obituaries and sent letters to the bereaved families - but some time after the passing. I had never experienced it before. So now I know it to be true.

At first I felt invaded. How rude of these people. They don't know me. How could they assume to involved themselves in my grief? Then I thought, How nice of them to reach out to others in mourning.

Well, whatever they were up to, it could not be better than the sendoff we gave mummy. We were fortunate to have a full house every night for the nine nights, with prayers, singing and sharing, and on one night the Deacon friend of the family led us in a Eucharistic Service. We had a Mass said for her on the fortieth day after her death and during that period (and after) my wife, children and myself prayed for her soul. Even now we still do.

So thank you people of the Seventh Day Adventist Church... but no thanks.

God Bless you in your ministry. May you carry lost souls to Jesus!

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