Monday, 3 June 2013

June Johnston retires

I beleive that all things must pass.... and so Mrs June JOhnston has retired as the editor of the Port of Spain archdiocese Catholic News. God bless you in your retirement Mrs Johnston. I hope good things for you.

You know it must be hard being an editor - Trying to put new things in place to briong new life to the Catholic news, trying to make a newspaper interesting in an age when other media including the internet seems to devour peoples attention and their willingness to even read.

The Catholic news has strived and continus to strive through it all.

Of course I have my issues with the paper that I have often vented on this blog. I beleive that it does not highlight the stresses and victories of Catholics in the greater world. There is so much news out there: Zenit, Catholic News Agency, Lifesite, etc... and we hear so little in the catholic news about the battels that the faitful outside of Trinidad fight. Perhaps it is not part of the format to delve too much into international news.

Another thing, is that the newspaper is too clean. I always think of agressive discussion and opinions on topics. That way, our faithful can be made aware on what the church teaches on specific issues... and understand why people think the way they do. But I am a bachanalist (as people who like controvercy is called in Trinidad). so thank God June isn't so inclined.

Whatever the direction of the paper, I know that I would not be able to run that preiodical as June did. Thank you June for your contribution. Thank you for giving me a chance to write in the newspaper. Thank you for all that you have done that in some way has touched someone. May God continue to bless you.

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