Saturday, 15 June 2013

the cult of Eck

Eckenkar - a cult of self is alive and doing well in Trinidad. This group publishes daily spiritual sayings and has weekly initiation meetings. A friend of mine went to one of these meetings and described what I call suggestive behaviour and hypnosis. She was put into a meditative state (the entire group was) then after awhile they were told to be at the ocean and feel the water spray up on them as the wave hits the rock. My friend claims to have felt the water and opened her eyes expecting to be wet from someone throwing water on her. She never went back.

Eckencar was founded by a fella called Paul Twitchell. Paul was a writer who has been accused of plagiarism. He dabbled in eastern religions and came up with a philosophy which he later registered as a religion when the IRS went after him for tax evasion.

There are now lots of websites enlightening people about this cult, all you have to do is google.

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