Thursday, 24 October 2013

Maybe I am a Weapon of righteousness

Present yourselves to God ... as weapons for righteousness. (Romans 6:13)

With all the violence in the world today, you may not like the image of being a “weapon” for the Lord. But in this case, St. Paul is encouraging you to be a holy and loving weapon used by the Lord to free people from darkness. And that’s a good thing!

So today, put your whole body to work for the Lord. Use your eyes to be on the lookout for anyone who needs encouragement. Use your tongue to speak words of kindness. Use your hands and arms to embrace someone who is feeling alone or overwhelmed. Use your feet to offer quick assistance with any problems you run across. Offer your ears if someone needs to “vent” about a problem.

Most important, offer your mind to understand the best way you can help the people around you. Whether you realize it or not, a spiritual battle is going on around you—a battle for the souls of God’s children. And while God is certainly big enough to fight his own battles, he offers you the privilege, the honor, and the calling to join him. He asks us to offer our lives as weapons of righteousness, fighting for people with God’s love and compassion in our right and left hands (2 Corinthians 6:7). Will you join today in helping to rescue those who have wandered off the path to life and gotten themselves trapped in spiritual darkness?

Do not say, “I am only a mom.” Do not say, “I am only an office worker or a student or a retiree.” You are exactly where God needs you to be today. You are strategically placed on the battlefield, and God will bring you to the people he needs your help in rescuing. So be alert! Have your spiritual eyes, ears, hands, and heart wide open. Let the Lord use you as a weapon of righteousness to win the battle over darkness and evil in this world.

“Lord, I present myself to you as a weapon of righteousness for your kingdom. Use me however you will today to rescue those the enemy has trapped in loneliness, fear, and despair. Let my eyes be your eyes, my hands your hands, and my heart your heart of love for all your children.”

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May God continue to bless our work and to bless us all.

Yours sincerely

CiW Core Team

Thank you "Catholics in the Workplace" Archdiocese of Port of Spain for your inspirational words today.

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