Saturday, 11 September 2010

Body Piercing religion????

The Charlotte Observer reports on 14 year old girl who was suspended from school for not removing nose rings. She claims that the school is not recognizing her church which is a registered Religion, which "embraces spiritual growth through practises such as piercing." Both her mother and herself are part of this church.

"It's a spiritual thing - I feel whole." Says the 14 year old girl

"The Church of Body Modification" which the child and mother belong to are a church of 3500 across America. According to it's website the church's intention is "to promote growth in mind, body and soul" through piercings, tattoos, skin cuts, skin burns, scaring and hooks through the skin. It was formed in Arizona about 10 years ago and was incorporated in Pennsylvania in 2008.

You know this reminds me of Eckankar. This guy comes up with a philosophy, by mixing hinuism, budism, Greek and German Philosphies, mixes them up in a blender, gives himslef the title Shri/sri and proclaims his wisdom upon the earth. After gaining so much money that he built a tall building in New York, the taxman came for him. Only them did his philosophy (which was not a religion and was open to all who wanted to stay with their faith and still embrace the philosophy) registered itself as a religion - so that it could bypass the taxman.

It has made of mockery of religion and the rights of people to properly follow their faith.

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