Sunday, 19 September 2010

The Stigmatist of Trinidad

OK! So my brother tells me that there is a woman in a church around the Couva area of Trinidad who is experiencing the Stigmata. Now I am a great skeptic. While I believe in Miracles and have spoken to people who experienced genuine miracles including someone in my church who was cured of terminal cancer by the intercession of St Martin De Porres, I find it hard to believe this story.

According to my brother the woman is protected by a group of people from that parish. Perhaps she has been order by the Bishop to not discuss it and they are protecting her from those who would seek a theophany themselves. Hopefully he (the Bishop) IS investigating the case. I would hate to believe that these people are self appointed handlers working for what THEY believe to be the best interest.

My brother tells me of tales that he heard and some of these things scare me. I could be wrong, but if there is a manifestation of the holy Spirit on this person, wouldn't God have a message for the faithful and this would be a sign for us to believe that the message is urgent and genuine... well... I want to know... what is it?

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