Friday, 10 September 2010

"The Vatican is a Real State" and other tales of a UK Papal visit website has published a list of British Headlines about the Pope's visit - Compiled by Hilary White:

The Independent's Johan Hari calls for faithful Catholics to join anti-papal protesters - The Independent
Johann Hari: Catholics, it's you this Pope has abused

The Daily Mail
"I disagree with many of his teachings. But it's those who oppose Pope Benedict XVI's visit who are the real bigots"

The Independent -
The Pope: Witness for the prosecution: Geoffrey Robertson QC argues that instead of offering the Pope a state welcome, we should be preparing the legal case against him

The Independent -
Pope chooses rap song as soundtrack for his UK visit

The Independent -
Julie Burchill: Do visits from ex-Hitler Youth members make me uneasy? Is the Pope Catholic?

The Guardian -
Papal visit: Bad tripper, good trip

The Guardian -
Keeping the faith: how bleak is the future for Catholicism?

The Independent - Joan Smith: In defence of modern Britain. Writing in the Independent, Smith denies Britain is the "geopolitical epicentre of the culture of death"
"I've always thought it a bit rich for Christians to accuse other people of belonging to a 'culture of death', when they go in for all those crucifixions, pietas and bleeding hearts."

Irish Times -
Majority in Britain are indifferent to visit of the pope later this month

The Independent -
Peter Tatchell: Why we oppose the Pope's state visit to Britain

Londonerry Sentinel -
Londonderry Pastor Leads Local Opposition to Papal Visit- Londonderry Sentinel

The Independent -
Pope's Visit Could Cost Britain More than 20 Million

The Guardian -
If only the Catholic church did PR. Ann Widdecombe laments the Catholic Church's inability to sell its message

The Guardian - The Vatican is a real state:
Austen Ivereigh bats down secularists' claims that Benedict is not a head of state.

The Guardian -
Canon law has allowed abuse priests to escape punishment, says lawyer

Catholic Herald - Mark Dowd: How I changed my mind about the Pope
Self-described 'gay' ex-Dominican and documentary film maker for the BBC describes his conversion away from mainstream hostility to Pope Benedict.

Telegraph Viseo:
Pope Looking Forward to a "Joyful Celebration" in British Visit

Telegraph -
Atheist Nick Clegg [British Deputy Prime Minister] to Greet Pope Benedict

Telegraph -
Pope won't be arrested in UK, protesters admit

Telegraph -
Papal visit: The Vatican puts its foot down. The Pope will celebrate the main part of ALL the Masses in Latin, says Marini

Telegraph -
The Pope's Mass in Glasgow: are Benedict XVI's liturgical wishes being ignored?

Taxpayers should not fund Pope's visit, says survey

Telegraph -
Daily Telegraph Offers Free Recording of Nuns Singing Gregorian Chant

Catholics look ahead to Pope Benedict's visit to the UK

BBC 2 -
Documentary on Cardinal Newman will Reveal 2nd Miracle

Scotland Herald -
Rollercoaster year now ending, says ambassador to the Vatican

London Evening Standard - Politics and protests as the papal roadshow rolls into London
A non-Catholic senior Foreign Office source agrees: Senior Foreign Office source: "You'd be very foolish as a Government to fall in with the negative voices on a papal visit. Look at Australia - he went there at the height of the backlash about his handling of child abuse and among predictions that it would be a disaster. By the time he left, more people had turned out to see him than had seen the Sydney Olympics."

BBC - Radio Programme by Mark Dowd
The Pope's British divisions"

Boris Johnson, [Mayor of London] - Diocese of Westminster
Welcome to London Pope Benedict

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  1. The fact that the visit turned out so well and that the Pope was received by loving crowds shows that it is a small group of haters in the media who make alot of noise. As catholics we cannot allow them to make their noises unattended. We must reply. we must speak out. we must make our voices heard too.