Monday, 2 May 2011

Buy the Catholic News for the Archdiocese of Port of Spain

Some time ago I stopped buying the Catholic news. I was a bit upset over the editor not wanting to publish a letter of mine. I had a Sunday Missal and so I did not need to follow the Sunday scripture readings which were published weekly.

Also I have the internet and between the vatican website, Catholic News Agency, Catholic League news releases and the Lifesite website I get a ton load of info about what goes on in the Catholic world. Info that inspires me to not lie down and play dead but be responsive, not just as a human being, but as a catholic.

The Catholic news does give local, regional, and international news. But other than the Editorial we don't really see opinion pieces that reflect the news and put it into a context that we can understand better.

That is not to say that we as catholics are not intelligent. On the contrary, catholic education has produced some brilliant minds. If there is one problem I have with Catholic (secular) education it is that in some ways it has been the churches downfall, with many catholics becoming quite educated, to the point where their lives have become too busy (6 long days per week working careers) to be actively involved in the church, or even go to mass... or even carry their children to mass.

From where I stand there is a lot of activity in the local church. Those who are dedicated and active, labour hard in the vinyard of their Master. Including those in the Catholic News.

Many people who I know do not read the catholic News because they say that it does not have any real news. There is the woman in Central Trinidad who has flowers coming out of her mouth and oil out of the palm of her hand. Many in the church know of this. This should be put in the Catholic news and lively discussion should be had on the topic. So that Catholics understand the churches stand on this. Controversy is good. it causes discussion - some not so intelligent, but some very intelligent. It would be a crying shame for us to read about it in the secular news. I would never forget reading on the issue of child molestation in the secular news, where a Catholic Priest was interviewed on the issue. I have on occasion been called hypocrite (for ashes on ash Wednesday) child molester (for news from the US of Child Molesting) and murderer (for the inquisitions) - All because I proudly proclaim that I am Catholic. While the secular world needs to be informed on the truth of these issues, this truth must come from CATHOLICS who have had lively discussion on the matter.

Some Months ago, I put rest my personal feud with the Catholic News and started to purchase the paper again - In support of everything Catholic and as a sign of my forgiving those who at the time I thought were more interested in protection of Priests than protection of the faith. You really can't escape politics.

So I say to all. BUY THE CATHOLIC NEWS for the Archdiocese of Port of Spain. It is a catholic paper trying to promote catholic things... and then read my blog and Bee's Blog, and of course Catholic Seeking blog ... and you could be well informed.

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