Thursday, 12 May 2011

well rounded students by 2015?

I read an article in the Port of Spain Catholic News that stated that there will be well rounded students by 2015. I got a little confused by a statement in the article.

The plan, according to the introduction “is the culmination of extensive analysis and assessment of environment and strategic options for Primary level Catholic Education.”

Love the jargon. Love also the fact that the document presented had many diagrams, charts and point lists. It is a very detailed document.

Now I think all teachers in Catholic schools know that if you know a teacher in a certain school you could get your child into that school. Otherwise, you have to bring the Catholic Baptism certificate and hope to get your child into the school. In fact parents baptise their children in the catholic church just to get their kids into the school, while they go to OTHER churches.

The Catholic Education Board should set up something whereby the parent signs an agreement to have the BAPTISED catholic child, enter ALL Catholic functions and teachings for the full period that he child is a student, and or have the child removed in there is a change in the child's religions. And if the parent fails to keep up their side of it. Refuse their other children, or cousins.

It may be harsh but young minds need to be molded into leading citizens in later life, even if they do not keep the faith, they will have the morals.

So I say good luck to the Catholic Board.

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