Sunday, 9 October 2011

Gay ‘marriage’ in high demand? Not according to the U.S. census

I could not find the statistics that this guy speaks of...

The 0.2% Solution
Crunching the Same-Sex Numbers
By: Chuck Colson
Published: October 4, 2011 7:57 AM

The pressure to redefine marriage to include same-sex couples keeps increasing. The impression is given that thousands upon thousands of gays and lesbians are unable to do the one thing they want to do more than anything else: That is, have a wedding.

As if to prove the point, the US Census Bureau announced that it would be counting same-sex households in the 2010 Census. In August the Bureau announced that there are nearly a million. I was surprised by the small number.

But this past week, they reduced their estimate of same sex couple households by nearly thirty percent. In fact, it turns out that there are fewer than 650,000. That’s about six tenths of one percent of total US households.

But an even greater shocker for me was the number of same-sex married households. Gay marriage is legal in six jurisdictions. In Massachusetts, it’s been the law since 2004. Same-sex couples can get married, for example, in Massachusetts and Washington, DC, and live anywhere because nobody’s enforcing DOMA anymore in view of litigation. And yet there are only 131,729 households headed by married same-sex couples. That’s two-tenths of one percent of married households. Talk about the tail wagging the dog!

This census data exposes the two biggest myths created about gay marriage.

The first is that there’s a huge demand for it. No way! In fact, there’s hardly any demand at all. Gay couples are not lined up at city halls hoping for a marriage license.

The second myth is the so-called “marriage equity” argument: That this is just another the civil rights movement. Are you going to tell me that it was possible to fuel the civil rights movement with 646,000 couples, when only 131,000 had a real stake in it? It’s laughable.

I have never believed that gays wanted to marry. Their behavior by its very nature is too promiscuous. Gay relationships are for the most part sexually open rather than exclusive.

For us to redefine marriage thereby altering thousands of years of human history, ignoring all of the benefits marriage offers to individuals, cultures, civilizations and — above all — children, for the sake of 646,000 same-sex households only 131,000 of which are married, it’s madness.

Gays and lesbians don’t want marriage; they want their sexual choices affirmed as normal and moral. And that’s what’s behind the blacklisting, boycotting, and suing anybody who even questions homosexuality. They don’t want anyone telling them that how they live is morally problematic. Gays are actively trying to destroy marriage and will take away our freedom of speech and religion in order to do it.
Does this take the church off the hook? No. For years we have helped deconstruct marriage, winking at cohabitation and allowing easy divorce. We’ve allowed politicians to pass bad divorce laws and to loosen the moral standards surrounding marriage. Now it’s all coming back to haunt us. But our job is to rebuild marriage as a sacred institution and to stand our ground and defend it, come what may, from what appears to be a small, tiny, minority.


  1. Your so ignorant, who are you to say what "gays" want, it is like me saying that all straight people are biggits, your precious relion is at stake, i don tthink religion can be at stake, no one can take that from you, but yet you claim it is okay to look at numbers of who are visible gays and predict their needs. How many of people who are gay have gotten divorced that you know, Im told daily of marriages ending in divorce, who's putting the sanctitiy of marriage at stake, Ide say that would be your people you ignorant fool

    1. For any government or organization, facts and numbers count. These surveys help to show statistical data. There are those who seek to inflate numbers to get their points or agendas across. Surveys (even though just a snapshot in time) help to either verify or debunk those who propagate HATE WITH FALSE DATA!

  2. I an a Hindu and have been married for 3 yrs and almost 8th months. I am in agreement with Sean. The sacredness of marriage is being tarnished and the very purpose of marriage is being questioned. The human race is male and female and have been entrusted by nature with the responsibility to procreate. It is only a sperm and an egg of a human will bring forth a human as God had intended. Raising children is another topic for debate. Children can be raised successfully by anyone. The extended families are evident of this fact. Many of us have raised other people's children as our own. The question is why do men and women seek intimacy from the same sex. According to Sean we have to look at marriage and search for the problems that cause individuals to fear commitment of marriage. Dangerous is the idea of controlling another through marriage. The principles that underpin marriages needs analysis. People want to be loved and nurtured. Some individuals want happiness with another but rather be individualistic. Marriage is about UNITY. Two people bringing themselves to the table and baring their souls to rebuild a new person. It is a most beautiful relationship. A man must honour his role as a husband and so should a woman. Let us help others see the beauty of marriage.