Sunday, 23 October 2011

Give the Catholic Money and He'll have another child... or five

Well I am against this idea.

The article from Catholic News Agency on September 1st 2011 concerns me. A Catholic Parish in an Indian City of Kerala, have decided to pay money to Catholic Families when they have their fifth child as an incentive for Catholic Families to have more children.

A parish in Kerala’s Wayand district now offers fixed-rate deposits of $225 that are held in the name of the fifth child born to a Catholic family in 2011.

Fr. Jose Kocharackal, vicar of St. Vincent De Paul Forane Church in Kalpetta, said that the church had issued deposits to two families in the parish. Part of the Sunday collection is set aside for funding the deposits.

The program was planned and instituted with help from the Sion Prolife Movement in the Diocese of Mananthavady, UCA News reports.

Salu Mecheril, the organization’s regional coordinator, said the campaign’s popularity is increasing. A second parish is preparing to adopt the same plan.

Well there is a concern that the Catholic Population is on the decline.

In 2008 the Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Conference said that a family trend to have only one child or none at all would imperil the Catholic community.

The 2001 census said that Christians made up 19 percent of Kerala’s population of over 31 million, a drop from the 1991 census which showed they made up 19.5 percent. Kerala is mostly Hindu, but Muslims account for about 25 percent of the population.

The Indian government has an initiative to encourage parents to make two children the norm. So there are those who will oppose that, and I agree with them. BUT FIVE CHILDREN? Let's leave that up to God and His plan.

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