Sunday, 9 October 2011

Grenada Catholic Cathedral gets new clock

Here is some good news from the Catholic Newspaper of the Archdiocese of Port of Spain: Clocks are being placed in the tower of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, St George’s, Grenada.

When the cathedral tower was being extended in the 1920s, circular open spaces were left so that clocks could be installed. After 86 years three clocks are being fitted into those spaces. The person responsible for constructing and installing the most recent clock was Mario Skocic, a Croatian national who came to Grenada three years ago.

Mario set up his small workshop in the crypt of the cathedral and fabricated the clock faces from fiberglass, and the hands from aluminum. The movement of the hands along with the ringing of the bells are controlled by a microprocessor and master clock located in the sacristy. The clocks are accurate, guaranteed not to lose or gain more than one minute over a one-year period.

Skocic, who has degrees in physical education and electronics, is a man of many skills. His love of boating led him to acquire skills in working with fiberglass but his real love is church bells. “They are the voice of God, reminding us of His loving presence and calling us to prayer.”

Mario says the three bells in the cathedral tower are of exceptional quality and the original framework supporting them is in excellent condition. The sound of the bells and the time on the clocks will speak to the citizens of St George’s and visitors of the passing of time and the nearness of “Christ, yesterday, today and forever.” – Catholic Focus

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