Sunday, 15 September 2013

24 hour Catholic cable station in Trinidad

Taken from the Catholic News dated September 15th 2013.

It’s early days yet but Archbishop Joseph Harris wants ‘Trinity TV 24/7’, Trinidad and Tobago’s first Catholic television station, to do as its name suggests and gradually build unity in the nation.

Speaking at last Sunday’s official launch and blessing at the Living Water Community (LWC) chapel in Port of Spain, the archbishop said the word ‘Trinity’ meant unity in diversity, so any network called Trinity had the task of building unity. He continued that he would like to see, through the station’s local programming, communities “coming together, helping each other”, thereby building a more united Church.

Sharing what he dubbed his “wish-list”, Archbishop Harris said he hoped the station’s programming would also help viewers “apply God’s word to the burning issues of today” and “help people to understand what God’s word is calling us to do”. He wished too that Trinity TV 24/7 would become “the channel of choice of most people of Trinidad and Tobago”. He had started his address by thanking Trinity TV for the tremendous work it was doing in the Archdiocese in the field of communications. And earlier, he blessed the station’s offices and studios above the chapel.

LWC co-foundress and station director Rhonda Maingot recalled the beginnings of the Community’s Trinity Communications Network (TCN) 20 years ago. She said TCN began with one camera and a team of untrained volunteers. At one time they operated out of a refurbished trailer before re-locating to the top floor of the Community’s Frederick Street centre. Maingot said it has been “one step at a time” and thanked those organisations, communities and individuals “that have walked with us on this journey…So we ready now”. She described the launch of Trinity TV 24/7 as “an extremely bold step of faith” but an “amazing opportunity
to bring the word of God” not only to the wider T&T community but the Caribbean.

TCN marketing/branding consultant David Gomez, whose voice is heard on the promotional video, introduced Trinity TV’s overseas partners: Centro Televisivo Vaticano or CTV, the Vatican Television Centre; Rome Reports TV News Agency, Italy; Signis, the World Catholic Association for Communication; Catholic Radio and Television Network (Europe); Daybreak Television Productions, Diocese of Buffalo, New York; Salt and Light Television, Toronto, Canada; Family Theater Productions, Hollywood, Los Angeles; and Telecare TV, New York.

Bishop Jason Gordon of Bridgetown and Kingstown, Signis vice president Gustavo Andujar from Cuba, and Sr Angela Ann Zukowski of the University of Dayton, Ohio, were among those sending congratulatory greetings.

Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Nicola Girasoli read a message endorsing Trinity TV sent by Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli, President of the Pontifical Commission for Social Communications and CTV director.
The Living Water Music Ministry, Spoken Word artiste Racine Grant and singer Stecia Marie Fletcher provided light interludes during the evening’s programme, which was emceed by Wendell Constantine.
Station Manager Lisa Bhajan gave the vote of thanks before the rite of blessing, which comprised a scripture reading done by Catholic News Editor Kathleen Maharaj, a LWC consecrated member; a short homily by Msgr Michael de Verteuil; and prayers of intercession by representatives of various Archdiocesan groups which produce programmes for Trinity TV.

The audience included Senate President Timothy Hamel-Smith, present in a private capacity; Communications Minister Gerald Hadeed; then Auxiliary Bishop-elect Msgr Robert Llanos; Vicar for Communications Msgr Cuthbert Alexander; other members of the clergy; Rose Jackman – who co-founded LWC with Maingot; other LWC members; and Trinity TV staff, presenters and contributors.

The launch was aired live on television and simultaneously streamed over the internet via
Maingot disclosed that a Trinity TV mobile app was being developed, while its Facebook page was already accepting ‘Likes’.

Trinity TV can be viewed on Flow Ch 10, Blink Ch 111 and ICNTT Ch 73, and via


  1. Hello, would Trinity consider having CC (Closed Caption) on the Mass that is broadcast on Sunday mornings? Also, on the other programmes too. There is a sign language representative but I do not know sign language. The CC would be helpful for those of us who are hard of hearing but not deaf. Thanks again.

  2. Hi
    I am not in any way connected to the living water community, except if i am around the area before 8am and want a cup of coffee. Perhaps you can contact them through their facebook page.