Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Governor Brown Uber Alles

On September 6, the California Senate passed SB 131, the bill that makes it easier for alleged victims of sexual abuse to sue if the molestation happened when they were a minor. But it does not apply to the public sector, just to institutions such as the Catholic Church.

Now Governor Brown has to rule on if the law should be passed. This guy has a very interesting political career. He even helped mother Teresa with the poor when he was in India. It is so interesting that  the defunct punk rock group "The Dead Kennedy's" wrote a song about him in 1979 when he was also governor of California.

 Just a note about the Video. I got it off of Youtube. The song lyrics are on the video. The person who put the swastikas got them wrong... or did they. The swastikas shown are not Nazi design, but Hindu design. The swastika represents the sun rotating across the sky east to west in a clockwise rotation. The Nazi swastika was whirling anticlockwise and was like an X with tails not a + with tails.

Jerry Brown is not a Nazi.

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