Monday, 7 December 2009

Holy Russia.

Peter the Great of Russia is one of my favourite historical people. (Another is Napoleon III of France.) One of Peters quests was to create Russia as the third Rome. When the original Rome fell to invading tribes, Constantinople rose as the new Rome. However, when Constantinople fell in 1453, the leader of the Russians Ivan III married the niece of the last Emperor Constantine XI and proclaimed himself Ceaser (Czar). It was the intention of every Russian ruler after to retake Constantinople. Catherine the Great was probably the closest having conquered vasts amount of Turkish lands, but not Istanbul. It is said that the last Russian Czar was also close when the Ottoman Empire was in its death throws and might have conquorered the area if not for the Russian Revolution of 1917.

Now there is a prophecy, that is given that a third Rome could never stand, however a Russian Monk in the 16th Century proclaimed Russia to be the third Rome. Russia itself tried to live up to that expectation.

Third Rome or not, it is truly good news to hear that the Vatican is developing full diplomatic relations with Moscow.

It is interesting to note that after Christianity and Islam, Athiests rank third in the numbers. Most because of communism and the outlawing of religion in communists states. Due to communism there are lots of hungary souls looking for Salvation in Russia. Many have prayed for the conversion of Russia as requested by the Virgin Mother in Fatima. So, I am sure it is with great joy that both Heaven and Earth welcomes the soon to be re-risen HOLY RUSSIA!

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