Saturday, 26 December 2009

With Passion

So today I am 42 years old. Years ago, I told a friend of mine that I had done nothing special with my life. He laughed. He said to me, that he had known no one who really didn't care about what others thought: That I would dress how I felt, that I would act how I felt, that I was a true rebel and that I lived my life with Passion. I still am not sure I agree with him totally. I do agree that I always felt like an outcast and that I felt proud that I was not part of any opressive or "stuck up' group.

I wanted to play an instrument. I bought a bass guitar. Just before I gave it up to raise a family, I was able to play in front of about 5000 people.

I am published having written about 10 articles for the Catholic News which is distributed to several caribbean countries.

I am the manager of the tallest privately owned buildign in the southern caribbean.

I served on many positions of a small credit union, having chaired 2 AGMs.

I married a fantastic woman and have 4 amazing children.

I suprise myself, when I look back, especially about my comming out as a Catholic. I say that because I was always afraid to commit myself to being an active catholic. You see, I always saw myself as a terrible sinner and not worthy to be a model of His love. I still see myself that way, however I decided that it is good to try and everyday I will get better at it until I make that full comittment.


Now, in 20 years time I see myself as a Galdalf sort of Character. Or Maybe an Obi-Wan type. That is old man with a beard and a walking stick, at peace with the world, but powerful in the (Holy) Spirit and passionate for God's work- That is, by Gods grace.

So Happy Birthday to me... and my God bless me with many more years and lots of passion!

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  1. Happy Birthday Sean!! You are alo a great son, brother, brother-in-law and Uncle. A truely wonderful and loving person. Regardless of your own prsonal struggles you certainly put on Christ and you inspire all of us.We are happy to have you so happy day to us all.