Saturday, 12 December 2009

the homosexual catholic debate

I came across a very interesting debate (of sorts) about Catholics and homosexuality on . It seems that Fr James Martin advised 5 things that a gay Catholic should not do:

1. Enjoy Romatic Love
2. Marry
3. Adopt a Child
4. Enter a seminary of Religious order
5. Work in the church and be open


Now he bases these items on church teaching. See his blog here:

His reasoning above refers to Marrying another of the same sex, or enjoying romantic love with the same sex. He even justifies his reason with church doctorine. Before today I did not know that there were paragraphs within the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) that dealt with Homosexuality. See CCC #2357, 2358, 2359.

The argument is a Moral one (and sexual) . It is why we as Catholics seperate boys and girls, and has nothing to do with prejudice. We are told to love the sinner and hate the sin. However, there is a guy from Austrailia who has taken a personal issue with the Father Martin.


John Heard is a blogger and a Catholic and he is gay. He runs a website called dreadnought : John Writes as follows:

"However, and as millions of same sex attracted men and women will attest, the Church offers same sex attracted individuals the same life she offers all men and women: eternal life via the Cross. Those who go about their daily lives, those who go to Mass, and struggle to model obedience, and fail, and try again – these are Christians. That is all, and miraculously. We understand, indeed, that a Christian is not to look for life beyond obedience, rather obedience – even obedience unto death on the Cross – is true life.

The result is not the remains of a life it is life. It is life in Christ, life with Christ."

Straight Ban

Now, for the case of this argument I look at Homosexuality, as I would someone dealing with drug addiction, or sexual addiction. To live straight must be very hard indeed, and even as a straight married man I am called to follow most of those guidelines but in other aspects for example. I cannot show romantic love to anyone else other than my wife.

The new old argument

The new old argument that exists today is that one cannot help being homosexual. It is in the genes, they say. Well, it depends on the University that you read about. The following website gives an interesting view of the arguments for genetic homosexuality and debunks them, refering at times to studies by other universities that prove initial findings to be biased :

And if Jesus isn't enough for you
And if living a life in Christ is not good enough there are these guys

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