Saturday, 21 August 2010

Obsessive Behaviour, Addiction, Passion or Overly Religious

Some time ago I was having a discussion with someone who thought that it was not necessary to go to church on a regular basis and that they couldn't stand over religious people.

The argument was a simple one for me.

Is it necessary to go to church all the time? It is just as necessary or even more so than it is necessary to go to school all the time? or to go for regular treatment for a Cancer? or to get your dialysis? If you want to achieve a living soul for the after life, if you want to grow in the love of God and be a spiritual adult you need to go to church. I am saying this, but you also need to do your homework and live right.

About the over religious people. What is that? People who have passion for God. What is a life without passion? Responsibility suppresses our passions. Without responsibility our passions would be expressed as Obsessive behaviour or addictions. How sad for anyone who lacks passion in their life. How wonderful for those with passion if that passion is for God.

I don't think I have convinced the young lady on either account. Maybe some day she will understand fully and start a proper relationship with God until then we will pray for her.

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