Sunday, 29 August 2010

We pray for the Miners

Every Morning my children pray for their great uncle Mario, that he may have a proper and speedy recovery from his stroke. They have decided to add to their prayer list the trapped miners in Chile.

What an awful thing to be trapped in such a place for so many months, but they are trying to make the best of it. They are requesting statues of Saints and are setting up a chapel. Already they have been sent a crucifix through the small hole that they are transferring food down.

What a joy to find the Lord, even in such circumstances. So we Pray for them to have continued strength.

This guy I know was telling me of his son who thought of himself as a gangster type. He got himself in trouble with the law and was sent to jail. When he realised the loneliness of incarceration he had a bre4akdown and was sent the the mental asylum in the St Anns Parish.

These people in Chile committed no crime yet they are condemned to live in confinement for several months. Thankfully, they are all alive. As everyone should know Chile is a very active country when it comes to earthquakes. So we pray for their well being also.

God Protect them and keep them safe.

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