Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Of Parades and Parades

This Morning I took two of my four children to see the Trinidad & Tobago Independence day parade. We usually go especially to see the fly pass of the planes, helicopters etc. but this year we just went along the parade route to see the marching bands. The children loved it. The horses the marchers, the bands.. it rocked. Of course the thrill of every child in an outing is the snacks. So some "doubles" by George, a beer at the Brooklyn Bar, snow cones and we're good to go.

With the parade I got to thinking about the "pentecostals" and their annual march through the city with gospel music blasting from trucks and Our Catholic Processions on Good Friday and Corpus Christi. Our Processions are not the nice bouncy ones. We Catholics need a nice bouncy parade. We should have a "He is Risen" Parade. Oh the Joy!

I remembered the Administrator for the Cathedral saying that he was not interested in having Christmas diner because there was always alot of food around at Christmas time and that it would be so much better to have an Easter diner, since our faith is based on the Risen Christ of Easter. (Of course I paraphrase). I think he was right.

Our Easter Parades should not be little children walking through the city or a Mall on a secular Easter Bonnet Parade.

It's just a thought!

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